A simple and streamlined process

Have an animation made without any fuss.

Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for companies to use animations. We do this by presenting a clear concept and being a reliable partner, but also by applying a strict working method. All this for a competitive price.

Communication is key. That is why we will communicate with you in a very clear way about the progress of the project. Having a plan (and sticking to it) is nice for both parties. We understand that. No fuss here.

Our approach

1 Script & Storyboard

We discuss your objectives and wishes. Then, together, we write a final script and we start drawing the first illustrations.


As soon as the script is final, production will start. We continue to illustrate, after which we immediately have the voice-over recorded and the animation process started. Finally, we add sound effects and music.

3 Feedback

We present the first version of the minimatie to you and are happy to receive your feedback. After this we start to perfect the minimatie.

4 Delivery

After the finishing touches, your minimatie can be sent to you in any desired format. Need advice? Get in touch. Time to implement your minimatie!