What is a minimatie?


1. A minimalistic, cheap, quick-to-produce, beautiful, and effective explainer animation.
2. The ideal way to communicate.


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Our animation weirdos offer you an extra-low price. For a limited time only.

The minimatie has been specially developed to offer a cheaper alternative to the usual explainer animations – without, of course, compromising on quality. We are offering them (temporarily) for only €599 per minute!


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Ready within a few days. No fuss!

Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for companies to work with animations. We do this by presenting a clear concept and being a reliable partner, but also by applying a strict working method. All this for a competitive price.

1 Script & Storyboard

1 Script


3 Feedback
4 Delivery

We've already delivered many animations.

There’s a minimatie to suit everyone.

This is what our customers say:

Nick Cornelissen - Waternet
We experienced it as a nice collaboration because of the good communication, a flawless process, matching with the branding of our company, and a beautiful end product. In short, the minimatie exceeded our expectations!
Laura Dijcks - Hire.nl
Satisfied with Minimatie! Minimatie thought ahead well, the delivery was quick, and they are flexible. I would use Minimatie again and recommend it to others.
Danny Riekerk - Leger des Heils
An excellent company with very capable people! They can think ahead and deliver what they promise!
Jascha Tuinier - Simplicate
About our collaboration with Minimatie: Very smooth delivery, pleasant collaboration, well priced.
Martijn van der Linden - Claimingo
When making the video, they listened carefully to our wishes and the communication was very strong. The design of the video was also above our expectations and fits well with the style of our company.
Gerard de Jager - Happez
In Minimatie we found a positive, critical, and creative company. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the good accessibility and fast response time, but we are particularly pleased with the overall result of sound and image (in several languages).
Jamie Chong - Mycap.live
Great work! Despite the tight deadline, Minimatie was able to deliver within a week.
Jels Lubbers - RIBW AVV
We’ve enjoyed working with Minimatie. From the development of a style to the elaboration of images in the animations: the process went smooth and quickly. When we had questions about whether the text and / or an image could be adjusted, this was no problem. We are therefore very happy with the result!
Patrick Dobbelaar - Cows & Stars
The final of the competition was attended by over 500 entrepreneurs from the region and we won the competition with flying colors thanks to our presentation with the distinctive animation! We were enthusiastic about the cooperation, the development process, the advice etc. Highly recommended.

Request a FREE style frame

Curious about what a minimatie can look like with the logo and corporate identity of your company? Request a FREE style frame using the form below. A proposal will appear in your mailbox within two days. No fuss.

Looking for a more complex animation?

We are also happy to help you with that. In addition to our three fixed styles, we offer the possibility to develop a premium style. These are just as good as our standard minimaties, but with extra details and options!