Offer animation as a service

Expand your services as an agency, offer minimaties!

More and more companies are discovering the power of animation. As a marketing / communication / advertising agency, it is also important to respond to this. Unfortunately, it is not always possible as an agency to have all services in-house. Minimatie is therefore happy to partner with other agencies. As an agency, this means that you can offer animation to your customers as a permanent service.

Together with your client, you write the script within the minimatie script format. We then take only the minimatie itself into production. As we ourselves have less work to do on writing the script and storyboard, the prices for agencies are lower!

Your benefits
  • Reliable partner for animations
  • • Valuable addition to the services of your agency
  • Spend less on animations
Our benefits
  • Spend less time on the preparatory work
  • Larger customer reach
  • A reliable and collaborative partner