About us

Sometimes something simple is more than enough

What is a minimatie?

Explainer animations are great; short animated videos that explain products, services, and ideas in a simple and effective way in a few minutes? Perfect! Except for one thing… the price tag. There is a lot of work involved in making good explanation animations, hence the high prices – and companies that offer cheap explainer animations often deliver moderate-to-poor work. This is precisely the reason that we have developed a new format: the minimatie!

The minimatie has been specially developed to offer a cheaper alternative to the usual explainer animations – without, of course, compromising on quality. The minimal format can be recognized by its simple characters, minimalist illustrations, clear color palettes, simple movements, and powerful voice-overs. You don’t always need an expensive and complex explainer animation; sometimes a minimalistic animation is much more effective.

How do we make it happen?

When we developed our format, we carefully examined every aspect that comes with making an explainer animation. We are a team of flexible and talented storytellers, illustrators, animators, sound designers, and voice actors / actresses. That is why we can divide, schedule, and execute our tasks as efficiently as possible. In addition, the minimatie format has been developed in order to be produced and delivered very quickly. We also offer easy communication, several different styles, a smart way of animating, and reliable voice-overs.

Guaranteed Dutch quality, like you're used to.

More and more organizations use animations for marketing, communication, and sales purposes. With this increasing demand for animation, the supply has also increased. Unfortunately, cheap animations made with limited tools by cheap foreign forces are on the rise as well. This is often at the expense of quality and, indirectly, the results. Minimatie is the ideal alternative for this. We only work with professional animation software in the “traditional way”. Due to the minimalistic nature of a minimatie, we can deliver quickly and cost-effectively, but with the high Dutch quality that you are used to!